Director Generals Visit To Training School Aluu

Director General, Citizenship and Leadership Training Centre, Mr. Eniade Adesoji,Mni, and his entourage arrived Rivers State on Wednesday 22 June 2022 on a one-day working visit to Forest Training School Port Harcourt.Training School Coordinator Mrs Ethel E. Pepple,Officer-in- Charge of Training, Mr. Oluokun Adekunle S , Assistant Training School Coordinator Mrs Adesanya J.F and some members of staff were at the Port Harcourt International Airport to welcome the Director General and his entourage .
Man O’War South-South Regional Commander, Mr.Aikoroje E.Eugene and some selected members of Man O’War in the state were also present at the airport to give the Director General a warm reception. The Director General and his entourage (Director of Finance and Account, Mr.Remi Sola Philips and H.O.D Training and Development Mr. Ebiwari Elehibiri) on arrival joined the convoy to Forest Training School Port Harcourt.
Director General  and his entourage arrived Forest Training School, Port Harcourt at 10:55 AM. Man O’War members at the Unit welcomed the Director General with a beautiful parade that lasted for ten minutes.
The Director General proceeded on a tour of inspection immediately after the parade to access the present day facility of the Unit.
 Afterwards, the Director General had a brief meeting with members of staff and also Man O’War members at the Units Multipurpose Hall.
In the meeting, the Training School Coordinator in her welcome address expressed a huge gratitude to the Director General and his entourage for visiting the Unit.She applauded the Director General for the crystal positive changes in his administration since he took over office especially in the welfare of the staff.
Director General in his address stated that he believes in a collective style of administration.He said he is ready to work with any member of staff who is productive weather junior or senior staff. He promised a massive publicity for the centre which includes introduction of an essay competitions for students starting from F.C.T Abuja. He said that the topic of the essay shall be on Citizenship and Leadership so as to create awareness for the Centre as some people think the Centre is a Non Government Organization.
 The Director General in his quest for publicity said he had already approached some Ministries requesting to establish Citizenship and Leadership Training Centre in all the states of the federation He also portrayed that an online school has been created  and Mr Alex Akinnusi is in charge of the online school creating massive awareness using online media. He advised the Members of Man O’War to always be in harmony with Forest Training School Port Harcourt as development can only strive in an atmosphere of peace.
 Man O’War South-South Regional Commander, Mr.Aikoroje E.Eugene presented a beautiful portrait to the Director General. In appreciation to his kind gesture towards the Man O’War members in the state.
 Man O’War state patron Apostle God-knows Woka equally expressed great gratitude to the Director General at the event. The indefatigable Director General, and his entourage immediately after the meeting visited the Royal Highness of Omuoko, Chief Abraham Woke JP and Omuihuechi, Chief Alfred Omodu Jp (our Host communities. He thanked the two paramount Rulers for their profound support to the centre and equally used the opportunity and pleaded for a landed property. The Director General told the traditional Rulers that he doesn’t want the Centre to leave their community and as such they should help us with plot of land to build a permanent structures. He promised that the Centre will also reciprocate her gratitude to the community if the request is granted.
The Director of Finance and Account, Mr.Remi Sola Philips and H.O.D Training and Development Mr. Ebiwari Elehibiri expressed their gratitude to the Royal Highnesses for the warm reception and hospitality.
The Director General left the next day to Abuja headquarters and the Training School Coordinator Mrs Ethel E Pepple and the Management of Forest Training School rem

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