The Citizenship and Leadership Training Centre is a Parastatal in the Federal Ministry of Youths and Sports Development.

It is principally a human development outfit established for the training and moulding of Nigeria Citizenry to become responsible and respectable Citizens and Leaders

The Centre is by all indications the only informal educational institution in Nigeria that executes experiential and Outward Bound education. It provides citizenship and leadership training in an atmosphere in which self-discovery and self-actualization are evidently based on one’s competence and ability, irrespective of origin, belief or class

The Centre has unwaveringly provided practical training that has positively reshaped the character and orientation of many Nigerians who have passed through her in any form.

It is also the parent body of Man O’ War Commands which exist in all State of the Federation including the FCT and Railways


Established in 1951 and given status by an Act of Parliament published in the ex-ordinary Gazette No 45 of August 10, 1960. The Act has been modified by Decree N0. 38 of December, 1989 which is currently undergoing the process of Amendment at the National Assembly


  • To provide training for the development of Citizenship and leadership for public benefit.
  • . To Establish Man O’ War Clubs and Commands and formulate policy guidelines for running the Clubs and Commands.
  • . To encourage and provide for research at the Centre.


To be a world class provider of quality training that will empower Nigerians for good Citizenship and responsible leadership.


Providing a sustainable framework for Citizenship and Leadership Training and Value Re-orientation through experiential education and the use of Challenging natural environmental for the benefit of all Nigerians‟


  • . Provide Training for the development of Citizenship and Leadership for public benefit.
  • . Enhance and expand individual awareness.
  • . Inculcate in the individual qualities of self-discipline, self-reliance and selfless service.
  • . Development of National consciousness and international understanding and
  • . Seeking to engineer a general re-orientation of values.