In CLTC, each of the departments come together to play a major role in making training both practical and effect in so many ways.

Through gaining experience in various fields and profession, we have been able to work together in providing the best training and opportunities to our students and the public in general. We are proud to say that we have our alumni all over the country in prominent positions where they function as leaders.

We will always work to improve not just on our current success but to increase the impact it has on anyone who comes across it.



  1. The Department is sub-divided into two Divisions namely:
    1. Appointment, Promotion and Discipline Division; and
    2. Staff Training and Welfare Division.

The department is headed by Ag.Deputy Director , Mrs. Ada V. Uche


  1. Staff Appointment, Discipline and Promotion matters;
  2. Staff Welfare Matters;
  • Training and Manpower development;
  1. Establishment and maintenance of records;
  2. Staff Pension Matters;
  3. Interpretation and enforcement of Circulars from the Head of Civil Service or Treasury Circulars;
  • Coordinates the maintenance of the agency assets, such as Motor Vehicles, Generators etc;
  • Supervising the activities of the Out-Sourced services to ensure efficient value-for-money service delivery;
  1. Liaising with the Federal Civil Service Commission and OHCSF on Personnel matters;
  2. Industrial Relations Matters;
  3. In-charge of Open and Secret Registry; and
  • Stores Administration.

The Department is sub-divided into two Divisions as follows:

  1. Accounts Division; and
  2. Budget Division

The Department is headed by Director, Mr. Remi Sola-Philips


  1. Collections of the Centre’s revenue;
  2. Preparation of Centre’s Annual Budget and Rolling Plan;
  • Documentation and updating of vote, cash and cheque books and daily disbursement;
  1. Fiscal supervision and control of Centre’s budgets, rolling plan and capital investment;
  2. Advisory on proper financial management and control implications;
  3. Establish financial and accounting system with appropriate in-built controls as approved;
  • Manage all funds and public money due and receivable in the Centre;
  • Advising the Director-General on financial management and control;
  1. Presentation and defence of the budgets before the National Assembly;
  2. Day-to-day review of the annual budget as may be required by the Budget Office and the Ministry of Finance; and
  3. Answering all queries relating to the preparation of the budgets from the National Assembly.
  • Salary Administration;

The Department is sub-divided into three Divisions as follows:

  1. Planning, Research and Policy Development Division;
  2. Monitoring and Evaluation Division; and
  3. Information, Communication Technology Division.

The Department is headed by a Director; Ag. Director, Dr. Kevin Ihenetu


  1. Evolves policies and implementation strategies for the development of the Centre;
  2. Initiates and co-ordinates Centre’s collaboration with relevant stakeholders;
  • Co-ordinates the monitoring and evaluation of Centre’s programmes and projects;
  1. Co-ordinates outward bound and other international collaboration activities;
  2. Sources funds from Local and International donors for the implementation of Centre’s programmes and projects;
  3. Management of Council’s documentation and information dissemination services;
  • Maintaining Library co-operation with sister Libraries, National and International Organisations;
  • Initiates and co-ordinates maintenance of hardware and software;
  1. Design relevant training programmes in IT- related areas;
  2. Develops and manages website and databank Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN); and
  3. Advises on Information Technology (IT) Policy for the Centre.

The Department is sub-divided into two (2) Divisions as follows:

  1. Training Schools (unit Co-ordination Division); and
  2. Entrepreneurship/Marketing and Business Development Division

 The Department is headed by Ag. Deputy Director, Malam Maman Fika


  1. Coordinates the activities of the Training Schools and the Mobile Units spread across the six geo-political zones of the country;
  2. design, construct and maintain all the training gadgets at the Training Schools;
  • Preparation of programme of course and distribution;
  1. Review of instructors handbook in conjunction with Planning, Research and Statistics Department; and
  2. Formulate programme for in-service training for instructional staff.

The Department is sub-divided into two (2) Divisions as follows:

  1. Man O’ War Nigeria Management Division; and
  2. Liaison Offices Co-ordination Division.

The Department is headed by Mr. Ebiwari Elehibiri



  1. Coordinates the activities of all Man O’ War commands in the Country through close monitoring and control;
  2. Formulation of policy guidelines for all Man O’ War formations in the country;
  • Training, appointment and development of liaison officers in various states at zonal level;
  1. Coordinates Man O’ War activities at NYSC orientation camp;
  2. Coordinates youth activities of the Centre in conjunction with the Ministry of Youth Development;
  3. Coordinates Liaison offices for the management of youth activities at state levels; and
  • Mobilisation of instructional staff and Man O’ War personnel to assist in rescue operations and emergency cases in collaboration with other relevant government agencies like NEMA, FRSC, NIMESA etc.

Note each Department should on different page


Units Under the authority of the Director General are as follows;

  1. Legal;
  2. Procurement;
  3. Internal Audit;
  5. Anti-corruption;
  6. Public Relations and Protocol; and
  7. Special Duties.

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